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Are hammertoes, corns, or toes that are just too long getting you down? How about feeling good about yourself right down to the tips of your toes. This is about you and your toes. Just as important, it’s about how you feel about your toes, especially when you prefer wearing sandals, open-toed shoes or high heels. Each of your toes is made up of three bones and two joints, except for the big toe, which has two bones and one joint. Together, the length of each individual bone contributes to the overall length of each toe.

As with your other physical features, your toe length is determined by your genetics and extra-long toes can develop into hammertoes with corns and make it difficult to find comfortable or fashionable shoes you can wear without pain. Now the good news: Thanks to a simple procedure, your toes can be dramatically more pleasing to your eyes. Larry Keyes, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist who specializes in the cosmetic and functional correction of long toes, hammertoes and corns. Dr. Keyes is an expert on the procedure he perfected over more than two decades, and he has helped thousands of women have more esthetically pleasing toes and feel good about wearing sandals. After beautifying 10,892 toes, we still think the most important toes we can beautify are yours.

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Larry Keyes


Chances are, if you are reading this, you are unhappy with the length, shape or appearance of your toes and probably have hammertoes with corns. You have trouble finding footwear – sandals, open-toes or stylish heels – that are both comfortable and fashionable.

The good news: You need not live with this problem anymore. The better news: Eliminating your problem with toe surgery has never been safer or easier. The best news of all: In just weeks, you can have the beautiful toes you’ve always wanted – and not likely miss a single day of work or any of your usual daily activities to get there. We can do several toes per week.

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Meet Larry A. Keyes, DPM, FAAFAS
Larry Keyes smallDoctor of Podiatric Medicine

"When I began performing the procedure I perfected in 1998, I had no idea how many people, especially women, were ashamed of the appearance of their toes which developed into hammertoes and corns and willing to have them surgically corrected. The technique I developed proved safe, simple and totally convenient for the patient. With such outstanding results, the procedure quickly caught on, and patients began referring their friends, families and co-workers to me...

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If you are one of the millions who suffer with being a keloid former and want to have your hammertoes corrected and corns removed, Keyes for Toes in Oak Park, Illinois can help you. Keloids are a type of scarring that occurs when tissue overgrows at the site of a healed skin wound. The result is a firm, raised rubbery lesion or nodule that may be flesh-colored or dark brown in color. Keloid scars are not contagious or cancerous. They are often severely itchy. They may cause sharp pain and even make skin movement difficult. Your keloid and overscarring risk exam helps Dr. Keyes customize his Keloid Prevention Technology (KPT) for you. Keloid prevention technology integrates ten known anti-keloid measures into every toe procedure and recovery.

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