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  • Cosmetic Toe Surgery

    Cosmetic Toe Surgery Available in Chicago, IL

    Cosmetic surgery and specifically cosmetic toe surgery is a concept completely invented by third party insurers to allow them to unilaterally decide whether they will cover a medical procedure or not. In addition there is broad disagreement among medical practitioners on whether a proposed toe procedure is medically necessary or considered cosmetic.

    My philosophy is that if a person really wants to improve the function and/or appearance of their toe(s) and I believe those goals can be practically achieved using my safe, effective and time proven procedures (surgical and/or non surgical) then I am willing to help them by using all my skills and experience attained from my past 38 years of providing those services.

    In general, I consider the most important cosmetic feature on toes to attain is an aesthetically pleasing look to the overall pattern of the toes on each foot (e.g.- how their length line up on the sandal line). The next important thing is to have the shapes of the toes look pleasing with natural (not sharp/bent) curves. The last thing to improve is the appearance of the skin including removing corns, balancing light and dark areas, and make the nail plates more healthy (less thick and less discolored).

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out cosmetic toe procedures:

    • They have been told by other Dr.’s their toe problem is not bad enough to do anything about it
    • They want to improve the appearance of the scar and/or shape of toe after having a prior toe surgery
    • The toes do not hurt they just want them to look great in sandals, open toed shoes and barefoot on the beach.

    Many times people seek to have a beatifying redo of a bad scar or bent shape resulting from a prior toe surgery (see photo).

    Before and after cosmetic toe surgery in Chicago, IL

    It is common for people to want an old, unappealing, inactive corn removed (ie- original cause of the corn has been removed like wearing better fitting shoes) (see photo).

    corn removal surgery Chicago

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