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  • Beautiful Toes at Last - Corn Removal Success Story

    We are excited to share another patient's success story! Phedra searched for years for the right doctor to fix her toes, and traveled from North Carolina for her treatment with Keyes for Toes. She had corns and discoloration on her toes which made her uncomfortable wearing certain shoes. Listen to her story here:


    Dr. Keyes has taken all of the hassle out of toe surgery! Without the need for expensive anaesthetics, lengthy hospital stays, or the dreaded "boot" associated with most foot treatments, Keyes for Toes offers procedures that are safe, convenient and affordable.

     Corn Removal & Discoloration Treatment

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  • Beautiful Toes at Last - Fix Hammertoes

    Get yourself the gift of beautiful toes this holiday season! End years of embarrassment and discomfort with our simple and safe hammertoe correction treatment. Dr. Keyes' surgical procedure fixes hammertoes on an outpatient basis with zero down time. Best of all, there are no pins or screws necessary!

    "I have had hammertoe since I was 13 years old due to wearing small size shoes as a child; wearing what my mother could afford caused the hammertoes. I was in ballet for 17 years and they only got worse, but my confidence was at a low. I never worn open toe shoes at all. I have worn peep toe heels and have put make-up foundation on my toes to try to not attract attention. Since the surgery I have worn my first pair of sandals and open toe heels and I FINALLY went to the nail salon and got a pedicure with my mother instead of waiting for her to get hers done. I wish I did this sooner I am by far satisfied and happy with the decision I made. Thank you soo much Mr. Keyes : )"~Thea Nash

     corn removal procedure

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  • Cosmetic Toe Surgery

    Cosmetic Toe Surgery Available in Chicago, IL

    Cosmetic surgery and specifically cosmetic toe surgery is a concept completely invented by third party insurers to allow them to unilaterally decide whether they will cover a medical procedure or not. In addition there is broad disagreement among medical practitioners on whether a proposed toe procedure is medically necessary or considered cosmetic.

    My philosophy is that if a person really wants to improve the function and/or appearance of their toe(s) and I believe those goals can be practically achieved using my safe, effective and time proven procedures (surgical and/or non surgical) then I am willing to help them by using all my skills and experience attained from my past 38 years of providing those services.

    In general, I consider the most important cosmetic feature on toes to attain is an aesthetically pleasing look to the overall pattern of the toes on each foot (e.g.- how their length line up on the sandal line). The next important thing is to have the shapes of the toes look pleasing with natural (not sharp/bent) curves. The last thing to improve is the appearance of the skin including removing corns, balancing light and dark areas, and make the nail plates more healthy (less thick and less discolored).

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out cosmetic toe procedures:

    • They have been told by other Dr.’s their toe problem is not bad enough to do anything about it
    • They want to improve the appearance of the scar and/or shape of toe after having a prior toe surgery
    • The toes do not hurt they just want them to look great in sandals, open toed shoes and barefoot on the beach.

    Many times people seek to have a beatifying redo of a bad scar or bent shape resulting from a prior toe surgery (see photo).

    Before and after cosmetic toe surgery in Chicago, IL

    It is common for people to want an old, unappealing, inactive corn removed (ie- original cause of the corn has been removed like wearing better fitting shoes) (see photo).

    corn removal surgery Chicago

  • Toe Straightening Surgery

    Before and after a toe straightening surgery near Chicago, IL

    Toe Straightening Surgery Available Near Chicago, IL

    A toe straightening is a surgical procedure that actually transforms your abnormal bent, twisted, or leaning toe (aka hammertoe) into a form so that it better fits your shoes while restoring an overall natural aesthetic appeal to you foot.

    Finding the root cause(s) of the deformity is essential before a surgical cure can be designed. All my procedures are customized specifically for each patient with the goal of restoring the proper functionality and desired visual appearance of the toe itself along with its natural relationship with the other toes and foot. This is combined with associated skin procedures to remove any corns (lesions) and/or excess/deviated skin to balance the skin envelope.

    There is another way to straighten toes (to be avoided if possible) through removing a toe joint then fusing it together with a pin or screw. That procedure can end up with the toe looking and feeling unnatural and “pencil-like” while presenting additional possible complications with the implants. Toes straightened in this manner do not retain their ability to flex at the joint.

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out this procedure is that their deformed toes:

    • Are limiting them in the styles and types of closed toed shoes they want to wear.
    • Are making them embarrassed to wear sandals and open toed shoes in public.
    • Are creating painful and/or ugly corns, discoloration and thick nails.
    • Are fed up with the over-the-counter remedies not working or making it worse.

    Many times it is just the one toe that is deformed (see photo).

    Before and after a toe straightening surgery in Chicago, IL

    Other times there are multiple toes that each have their own bends and twists. In addition the toes commonly have associated corns on them (see photo).


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