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  • Toe Shortening and Corn Removal Case Study - July 2016

    Long Toes Corn Removal


    Are you embarassed or ashamed of the appearance of your toes? Do you have long toes with corns and discoloration that cause rubbing in shoes? Often patients come to Keyes for Toes seeking help with toe shortening treatment. Long toes can cause toes to curl up in shoe wear which leads to the formation of corns, hammertoes, discoloration and pain.

    Keyes for Toes has developed a special toe shortening procedure to remedy the issue. By shortening the toe the overall toe alignment is improved, and rubbing in the shoe is eliminated. This offers a permanent removal of the corn, as opposed to shaving down the area which is prone to recurrence. The procedures are performed on an ambulatory basis under local anesthesia, which carries many benefits for the patient. You will not have to be put to sleep or "put under," you are able to continue walking and driving throughout the course of treatment, and you can go back to work the same day. The procedures are also done without the need for external implants or screws in the toes, which allows for more aesthetically pleasing results and the ability to retain flexibility in the joints.


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    "The hardest part of my treatment was deciding to take the initial step to contact Dr. Keyes' office. Once that was done, the rest was a piece of cake. From the initial consultation to the end of my journey, I was always kept informed on what the process would entail and was always prepared mentally for what the process would be like. Dr. Keyes has a great personality and a staff that could not have been better had I picked them myself. I am highly satisfied with the results and would encourage anyone who is struggling with this decision to not delay it any more. I am ready to meet the world unashamed with confidence and this has been a very uplifting and encouraging journey. Thank you all for making this possible!! I won't forget any of you guys. God bless!!" ~Anonymous


    The patient Before and After photo pictured above belongs to a patient of Keyes for Toes who underwent treatment for seven toe corrections. She had hammertoes, corns, discoloration and long toes, as well as complications from a previous hammertoe surgery performed by another doctor nearly twenty years earlier. By removing the lesions, adjusting the length of the toe and providing detailed skin coloration and scar care treatment, Dr. Keyes was able to correct the issue with results that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

    Many patients visit our office feeling hopeless and frustrated with the condition of their toes. We have had many patients tell us they were told nothing could be done with their case, or the only treatment options available would require extensive down time, ugly boots and pins and screws being placed in their toes. At Keyes for Toes we are taking a new approach to toe corrective surgery; one that offers greater patient convenience and results that are both practical and beautiful.

    To learn more about the breakthrough procedures offered ay our office, or schedule an appointment today, give us a call at 708-771-4300 or submit your information via our online form. Consultations are available in our office or over the phone to cater to our out-of-state patients. Do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions you may have; putting off your corn removal, hammertoe correction or toe shortening procedure could result in the condition getting worse over time or staying the same. The secret to more beautiful toes is in your hands with Keyes for Toes!

  • Toe Shortening Surgery

    Before and after toe shortening services near Chicago, IL

    Toe Shortening Services Near Chicago, IL

    A toe shortening surgical procedure actually reduces the physical length of a toe to a length that better fits the overall toe pattern allowing better shoe fit and overall aesthetic appeal.

    My preferred approach is removing a portion of the end of one of the bones in the toe (at a toe joint) thus leaving a “space’ for the toe to shorten over the next several weeks. This is combined with an associated skin procedure to remove any corns (lesions) or excess/deviated skin to balance the skin envelope around the shortened bone. The overall effect is a very natural looking toe with the toe still moving freely.

    There is another way to shorten toes (not recommended) through removing a toe joint then fusing it together with a pin or screw. That procedure can end up with the toe looking and feeling unnatural and “pencil-like” while presenting additional possible complications with the implants. Toes shortened in this manner do not retain their ability to flex at the joint.

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out this procedure is that their long toes:

    • Do not fit well in their shoes causing pain, corns, deformed nails, and discoloration.
    • Overhang in their sandals and stick out in peep-toed shoes.
    • Do not look right when they sit next to their other much shorter toes. Alignment looks odd.
    • Are tired of being too embarrassed to show their feet— publicly and privately!

    Many times it is just the 2nd toes that are too long (see photo).

    Other times there are multiple toes that are too long— with both cases commonly having associated corns on them. (see photo).

    Before and after a toe shortening surgery in Chicago, IL

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