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Bare Feet

Corn Removal

Corns lie over the tops of toe joints, are caused by repetitive prolonged skin damaging pressure from impinged from shoes resulting in typically round, thickened, hard, discolored, and frequently painful lesions. If the offending shoe pressure is eliminated by wearing better fitting footwear the corn lesion can improve in symptoms and appearance to a point of disappearance. Another way of getting rid of corns is by surgical excision which is usually combined with some structural procedure to make sure the toe fits into the shoes properly.

In light skinned individuals, corns usually will heal out on their own to normal skin (no trace of the former damage) thus corn removal is many times not needed. The opposite is true in darker skinned individuals, as the corn may get better, the skin damage may remain to a degree that it would be cosmetically unacceptable. The individual may then elect to have it be removed surgically. I have developed a very sophisticated local skin flap tech that maximizes the amount of lesion that can be removed and filled in with surrounding skin. I have developed it, and have used it over 10,000+ times successfully and never had a failure.

Corn Removal

Did You Know?

1. Most toe surgeries performed in the USA do not surgically remove the corns.

2. Almost no attention or interest in the medical/Podiatry field exists in developing or performing corn removal procedures.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. Your corn is surgically removed - Specially designed local flaps maximize the amount of corn lesion that can be removed, which is of particular importance to African American women.

2. Your double corns on same toe can be removed--removal corns existing on two separated joints on the same toe is routine in my practice in the same surgical session.

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