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Bare Feet

Dedicated Toe Surgical Facility

A dedicated space specifically designed to perform our custom toe surgical procedures.

Dedicated Toe Surgical Facility

Did You Know?

1. No other dedicated toe surgery facility in the world.

2. Toe surgeries are typically done in multipurpose surgery centers, hospitals, or doctors offices by numerous member surgeons requiring a multitude of instrumentation and surgical setups. In other words, by design, the facilities are more complex and generalized.

3. It is common in the USA that in order to set up a toe surgery, patients may experience a complex combination of inpatient admissions, x-ray services, lab, MD pre-surgical clearance, etc., all on their own locations and time schedules. In other words, toe surgery in the USA can be quite an ordeal to go through.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. All the procedures are performed in a dedicated toe surgery facility designed and built from the ground up by Dr. Keyes over 20 years ago.

2. Ultra-Streamlined workflows have evolved through the purpose built structures enhancing successful outcomes.

3. Everything needed for the procedures are located on site and simultaneously focused on your toe corrective appointment.

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