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Bare Feet

Free of Insurance Plan Treatment Restrictions

There are very few Podiatrists opting out of insurance plan contracts although the trend is reversing to opting out. PPO and HMO practice guidelines are issued as "proper approaches" for its Doctors members in the evaluation and treatment of the patient.

These “Preferred Practice Guidelines” are usually created by a medical doctor or group paid by the insurance company to review the literature and come up with evidence-based and consensus-based evaluation and treatment recommendations. Of course, in practice what typically tends to happen is that the articles are somewhat “cherry-picked” to skew the “guidelines” to the insurer’s benefit (aka-saving money). It also can seriously restrict the doctor’s ability to recommend treatments they feel is best for the patient for fear of not getting paid or asked to leave the network. Most doctors are hopelessly stuck in this trap that has been evolving for many years.

Free of Insurance Plan Treatment Restrictions

Did You Know?

"Almost all Podiatrists are under contractual obligations and/or coercions to obey the insurers" "Practice Guidelines" "with penalties of nonpayment and/or termination if such guidelines are not followed.
Meaning you and the doctor are not calling all the shots."

Keyes for Toes Innovation

Have the toes you want!

Your treatment plan is decided by what you want, what is best for you, and what Dr. Keyes can do. No other interfering 3rd party is involved.

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