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Bare Feet

Innovative Keloid & Scar Treatment

This is different than the keloid prevention technology (KPT) written in another feature block. This is when, in spite of the KPT, sometimes a scar/keloid forms and needs to be treated to make it more acceptable cosmetically. We have multiple avenues of well tested methods to achieve satisfying visual results.

Innovative Keloid & Scar Treatment

Did You Know?

It is common practice in the USA that keloids and scarring are usually considered part of the risk of toe surgery and treatment of them are usually considered not medically necessary and thus not paid for by insurance.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

Keloid and Scar treatments are included in your surgical package with us. Although our Keloid prevention technology (another feature) is very effective in reducing the incidence of these bad scars--we go the extra mile to tweak your scars or keloids through a range of our time-tested treatments.

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