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Bare Feet

No Down Time

Walk in and walk out procedures and then go to dinner, go to work, or resume your normal productive day. No other practice we of makes this claim.

No Down Time

Did You Know?

1. Typically, at other medical centers, there can be many restrictions on any ambulation with the foot encased in a bulky bandage, casts, surgical boots that, by design, makes ambulation possible but more difficult.

2. Usually days to weeks off and driving usually hampered by bulky casts, walkers, pain meds, and/or bulky bandages.

3. Watching others work out on TV while you are in bed with foot elevated.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. You walk in with shoes and you walk out with either your own shoes or we supply you with Krocs or a closed in normal walking shoe.

2. Drive to work same day in crocs or provided closed in shoes.

3. Work out same day

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