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Bare Feet

No Pins nor Screws Implanted in the Toes

Operated on toes are supported with specially designed external toe splints (Dr. Keyes developed and tested) which while giving the toe the required support it eliminates the need the pins or screws. These toe splints have been applied over 50,000+ times with only rare minor complications.

Dr. Keyes procedure combined with the toe splints allows the toe joints to reform and function more as normal toes do.

No Pins nor Screws Implanted in the Toes

Did You Know?

1. Pins, screws, and many other implantable devices are commonly used and besides being costly have a much higher rate of complications (eg malfunctioning or rejection by the body).

2. Pins, screws typically are used to FUSE a toe joint effectively turning that toe into a "pencil" thus permanently reducing overall toe-function post operatively.

3. Pins and/or screws typically require bulky restrictive bandages, casts, or other braces that can significantly reduce ambulation after toe surgery.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. No troublesome pins or screw are needed—we replace them with our own toe splinting system which are in the bandage not your toe.

2. Have toes that move and feel like normal toes-- we rebuild the joints not eliminate them.

3. Walk normally immediately after--Our toe splints allow for a much more normal ambulation immediately and throughout the post operative period.

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