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Bare Feet

Photographic Healing Progress System

Keyes for Toes uses Nikon professional camera equipment to take high-quality photos of every patient's foot, on every office visit, for over 22 years. All these photos are organized and accessible on professional photographer-level software systems.

I can easily access any patient over the last 22 years and view a sequence of progress for their whole treatment plan. This innovation has been unbelievably beneficial on so many levels. It helps the patient see their before and after results along with any progress on any sub-treatments — e.g. scar procedures— along the way. It also helps me by providing the capability to compare thousands of patients at certain standard post-op appointment times, say at 6 weeks post-op, and be able to learn to know what is normal healing for that time and what type of healing aberrations can occur and track how the treatments given for those treatments worked.

This system has contributed in a major way for many of the innovations I have made in toe surgical outcomes.

Photographic Healing Progress System

Did You Know?

1. Doctors may take a before photo (seldom standard practice) but I have never seen or heard of anyone utilizing a photographic medical record. The main reason could be the immense amount of time it takes to take all the photos and catalog them for later use.

2. This capability is just not available anywhere else.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. Your feet are professionally photographed every visit-- which takes the guesswork out of determining the progress of your healing--and you can visual confirm it

2. Dr. Keyes knows exactly how well you are healing-- when you come in for your visit since he can view over 10,000 other patients' toes at the exact same post-op time period you are in.

3. Your feet can be evaluated by Dr. Keyes remotely-- by emailed photos from existing patients, or potential new patients from out of area/state/ country. The photos are all cataloged and organized in the photo medical record.

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