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Bare Feet

Toe Shortening to restore optimal toe pattern

Toe shortening is frequently done in our field-- I am not the only one doing it. What is our goal is to create a natural and pleasing curved parabola of the ends of all the toes that fits well in the shoes and well as looking great along the sandal line.

Since my toe procedures rebuilds the toe joints so they move normally this becomes a top issue, since the toes must behave in the shoes and not buckle up again in the shoe causing toe deformity and corn formation—effectively making the toes fit the shoes.

Toe Shortening to restore optimal toe pattern

Did You Know?

In my opinion, the goal of aesthetic appeal in toe surgery is not a priority in Podiatry/medical field.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

Have your long Toes shortened AND have a toe pattern that is optimized for shoe fit and aesthetic appeal when you wear sandals.

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