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Bare Feet

Toe Training Systems

This system was developed by Dr. Keyes using various strappings and silicone appliances that the patient wears on the toes to train over time into the proper position. The idea is that the toes went out of position over time so this is a reversal of that process. It can be likened to "braces" that orthodontists use to train teeth.

Toe Training Systems

Did You Know?

It is common practice in the USA that an over-the-counter product and is used more for conservative symptom treatments rather than corrective toe training.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

Address root causes of your toe problems--we include this toe training service to work non surgically with toes that are out of proper position in the shoe. This works towards correcting that "Toe Packing Pattern" while wearing shoes to maintain your toe corrections for the long term.

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