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Bare Feet

Unique Patient Interview System

13 years ago, Dr. Keyes flew in 2 top licensed psychologists who were well published and have multiple books written by them, and housed them in a hotel room for days. I spent 10-12 hours per days working side by side with them to develop a patient-oriented communication process.

One invaluable innovation was the creation of a standard patient one-on-one interview session in which the patient is asked a series of professionally written questions with their answers carefully documented.

The questions were designed to find out EXACTLY what the patient wants, how much they want it, and the outcomes they expect. The interview results are compiled into a narrative that the patient reads, approves, and signs their name to.

This system GREATLY steers the treatment plan to give the most probable satisfaction to the patient.

Unique Patient Interview System

Did You Know?

Most medical thought goes in the direction of "evidence based treatments" or following insurance preferred practice guidelines. Sadly very little attention is directly at what the patient actually wants and needs. For example most insurers state (in writing) that they will not pay for any services that are for the convenience of the patient" or procedures seeking cosmetically appealing outcomes.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

Get the look and toes you want-- a one-on-one interview with out interview specialist uses standardized interview questions designed by professional psychologists hired by Dr. Keyes, to help us really understand all your concerns about your toes which then leads to a finely tuned custom treatment plan.

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