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Bare Feet

Your investment DIRECTLY goes to getting the toes you dream of!

Our fees are well within the local average R&C charges in the area. This can be confirmed by anyone by accessing the government-mandated website called "" where the procedure code prices can be checked by zip code.

Your investment DIRECTLY  goes to getting the toes you dream of!

Did You Know?

1. Many tests (blood, chemistry, pathology, act) usually are standard with many facilities and all have their added costs.

2. Pins, screws, or other forms of internal fixation are common. They can be very expensive for the supply itself and can cause a lot of expense if they fail.

3. Anesthesia fees are common and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Facility fees are also common not only for OR's but for Doctor’s offices that have been bought out by hospitals and large medical groups.

4. Typically a doctor would take x-rays and other exams before he even knows what you need or whether he can treat it. This approach can be quite costly.

Keyes for Toes Innovation

1. You save on the elimination of not needed tests --such as blood tests (we call your Dr. if we have a question about your health), no pathology tests on healthy tissue. IMO these tests are way overused.

2. You save on elimination of not needed implanted pins or screws.

3. No extra Anesthesia charges-- we use local anesthetics only and charge No facility fees.

4. We have an affordable path for you to get to know what you need done--First we prescreen you to see if you have any condition that we can help you with at no charge. Then you can get great value on a very low initial consult fee with the doctor so that you and he can talk and come up with a proposed treatment plan and then get all the costs associated with it up front. You will know what conditions you have, what you need to correct it, and exactly what your costs are up front.

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