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Corn Removal Surgery



A corn is an area (usually round or oval) of hard, thickened, discolored, damaged skin usually caused by repetitive excessive shoe pressure over a prominent toe joint.

A corn removal surgery is a procedure that actually completely removes this damaged skin area, and then repairs the resulting “hole” that is left over with healthy adjacent skin.

Since corns can be quite large compared to the amount of skin available next to it, the complete closure of the hole is the biggest challenge of the procedure. I have designed and fully tested a technique of using plastic surgical style local rotational skin flaps of healthy adjacent skin to cover the hole.

There are many other advantageous with this technique in that its custom designed shape works well with skin lines (much better scar control) and allows for the better overall redistribution of the skin for a more natural appearing skin envelope afterwards.

Note that this procedure is usually (not always) combined with a toe shortening or straightening procedure to address the underlying cause of how you got the corn so you will not have it come back.

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out procedures to have their corn removed are because:

    • The over the counter corn remedies did not help or made the corn look worse

    • Their doctor said nothing else can be done to improve the corn

    • After getting rid of the shoes that were causing the corn, the corn got better but is still very visibly there like a permanent dark circle.

    • They are too embarrassed to wear sandals, open toed shoes or go barefoot on the beach while having those corns on their toes.
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