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Hammer Toe Surgery



A toe that visually displays any combination of abnormal “bending” of one or more of its toe joints in any direction regardless of whether one is weight-bearing or resting could be diagnosed initially as a hammer toe. 95% of the hammertoes are found to be caused primarily from a toe-shoe interaction in which the standard shoes cause the bent toe over time. The other 5% of the hammertoes out there are trauma (non-shoe) and/or underlying disease cause related.
Most hammer toe surgery done today is based on straightening the toe and maintaining the straightness by fusing the joint which then creates a pencil like stiff toe. This type of procedure historically has had many complications such as pin/screw failure, rejection of implant by the body, infection, shoe fit difficulty, and a failed fusion with the toe in a more bent position.

    Did you know?

    We have developed the technology to offer an extra set of 6 patient-oriented goals for our patients considering hammertoe surgery:

    1. A cosmetically appealing result

    2. Minimizing downtime

    3. Minimizing potential negative and unnecessary side effects and complications, e.g. — no pins, screws or other implants needed.

    4. Enhancing the ability to wear more shoe styles with confidence such as high heels and sandals

    5. Allowing the patient to continue without interruption healthy activities such as exercise routines

    6. Allowing patient input into pre-surgical planning—for example showing options on toe shortening positions and then showing them how that proposed shortened position looks relative to the surrounding toes.

All podiatrist practices and toe surgeons are not created equally. The cosmetic and functional procedures that our Oak Park, Illinois based practice perform require an extensive skill set and many years of experience. 

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