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Toe Straightening Surgery



A toe straightening is a surgical procedure that actually transforms your abnormal bent, twisted, or leaning toe into a form so that it better fits your shoes while restoring an overall natural aesthetic appeal to you foot.

Finding the root cause(s) of the deformity is essential before a surgical cure can be designed. All my procedures are customized specifically for each patient with the goal of restoring the proper functionality and desired visual appearance of the toe itself along with its natural relationship with the other toes and foot. This is combined with associated skin procedures to remove any corns (lesions) and/or excess/deviated skin to balance the skin envelope.

There is another way to straighten toes (to be avoided if possible) through removing a toe joint then fusing it together with a pin or screw. That procedure can end up with the toe looking and feeling unnatural and “pencil-like” while presenting additional possible complications with the implants. Toes straightened in this manner do not retain their ability to flex at the joint.

    In my experience the reasons why people seek out this procedure is that their deformed toes:

    • Are limiting them in the styles and types of closed toed shoes they want to wear.

    • Are making them embarrassed to wear sandals and open toed shoes in public.

    • Are creating painful and/or ugly corns, discoloration and thick nails.

    • Are fed up with the over-the-counter remedies not working or making it worse.
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