Here is the latest testimonial from Keyes for Toes:

"Hi, my name is Alfreda. I heard of Dr. Keyes from my sister, through a friend of her's. I started my procedure in July of 2014. My feet looked scarey to me, so I jumped at the chance to have them corrected. I had two toes done each week & went to work after each surgery was done. I had eight toes done in total. I am amazed at the outcome. I has been three months and my toes look great. I tell my family and friends I am going to wear sandals all year long so everyone can see my new toes. Keyes for Toes was very comfortable, the staff was very professional, easy to talk to, friendly and patient. If you should need any work done on your feet/toes, I would definitely recommend Keyes for Toes. And keep in mind: three months, eight surgeries and I never missed a day of work."

~Alfreda B.


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